November 30, 2018 – S61 SUKHUMVIT BY KWG Living Gallery, Rama IV Road

Following the success of its single detached house projects, Villa Arcadia Srinakarin, King Wai Group, the real estate giant from China and Hong Kong, with confidence in potential of the real estate market in Thailand, launches its first luxury low rise condominium “S61 SUKHUMVIT BY KWG” with serene privacy in the heart of Ekkamai, equipped with new technology to assist residents, environment preserved at the heart, starting at 7.69 million baht per unit and expecting to close the deal by the end of 2019.

Mr. Henry Chan, Vice Chairman and CEO of King Wai Group (Thailand) Company Limited (KWG), revealed at the press conference for the official launch of “S61 SUKHUMVIT BY KWG” at the living gallery on Rama IV Road that King Wai Group (KWG) is Hong Kong-based conglomerates, specializing in property development, financial services, and cross-border e-commerce.

With almost four decades of experience in China and Hong Kong, King Wai Group has decided to start its business operation in other countries under the Chinese government’s “Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI) policy. With the anticipation that the real estate business in Thailand will continue to grow in the long run and the confident of Thailand’s capability of becoming the hub to the Southeast Asia business in the future, King Wai Group sets their sail of journey here.

King Wai Group sees great opportunities in Thai market and decided to established our footprint in Thailand; however, many might have heard of our best-known mega-projects, named “King Wai City Oasis” projects, located in Shanghai and Tianjin, cover a floor area of more than 1.8 million square meters, and have been certified as the “Ecological Residence” and the “Low-Carbon Building” by the Certification Center of the State Environmental Protection Administration. In addition, the “Bauhinia Valley+” project in Baoshan District of Shanghai is one of the masterpieces of King Wai Group in the field of commercial real estate, focusing on the national science and technology industry, linking the global trade brands, and striving to create a future base of industry focus. King Wai Group also owns the International Merchandise Exhibition and Exchange project (IMX), the new business venue which has created the opportunity to expand the export market to China. The company has fully developed the business model based on the “Store-Warehouse-Exhibition-Customer” model that integrated both online and offline platform.

Due to the government’s infrastructure expansion policy, such as mass transit system, transportation, and various business support platforms, Thailand’s economic figure is moving into a good projectile. The government also advances the vision of Thailand to become the ASEAN’s economic hub. Therefore, The Company believes that the government’s great support and the increasing number of foreign investors will propel the real estate business growth in the future.

Today, not only Thai people but also foreign investors, especially those from China, invest in real estate and the condominium in Thailand. KWG is a well-known and well-accepted company in Hong Kong and China; therefore, the company firmly believes that its real estate business expansion into Thailand will be well received by both Thai and foreign investors.

“Although King Wai Group has been in Thailand for short period of time, we have created a strong foundation for the sustainable business growth. The first three quarters of this year is a good start with our “Villa Arcadia Srinakarin” completely sold out. We now continue to expand our real estate business with the luxury condominium project, S61 Sukhumvit by KWG, that will be officially launched on December 1, 2018. It is our first low rise condominium in Thailand and the target customer is people who want to live in the heart of Bangkok with exceptional reserved privacy. To attract this target group, we offer serene location, modern classic design, and high technology in response to their needs. The project is worth 1,500 million baht and we expect to close the deal within 2019.”

The S61 Sukhumvit by KWG project is a luxury low rise condominium, consisting of two eight-floor buildings on 1-1-98 rai. For complete privacy, there are 126 units in total or only 9 unit per floor. The room size ranges from 40 to 160 square meters and there are 4 room types, including the 40-46 square meter one-bedroom unit, the 56-70 square meter two-bedroom unit, the 79–95 square meter three-bedroom unit and the 135–160 penthouse, starting from 192,000 baht per square meter. The unit price starts at 7.69-10 million baht. Each unit is fully furnished with premium quality furniture and materials, providing better standards in all aspects of life. Its timeless design is reflected through the luxurious details that come with top-notch facilities and amenities. The facades are neatly designed and installed using Euro grey glass for its high quality in terms of safety, durability, and heat absorption and noise reduction. Solar panels are installed to generate electricity in public areas and along paths in the buildings, expanding care for the society. The latest innovation is used to support the city lifestyle. The automatic car parking system helps save time and enhance space utilization and security. Great convenience is at the click of a button. With the use of smart home technology, one can turn on/off the light and set the room temperature via mobile applications. The security system includes the digital door locks with personal passwords for accessing the unit, the key card access system for entering the project and the automatic car parking system. Any interested person can register for special privilege, including up to 400,000 baht discount* and an iPhone Xs*. For more information, visit (*Terms and conditions as designated by the company.)

Moving into the future, King Wai Group aims to be the top tier real estate developer in Thailand. We strive to offer the best quality product and best innovative solution. We are committed to delivering sustainable growth in Thai real estate market and today we begin our footprint in the condominium project here at S61 Sukhumvit by KWG that will inspire you to live flawlessly in the rich of passion and style. We are so proud to present our first prestige collection of low-rise residences that beyond luxury.

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