Conferring Ceremony for Dr. Chan King Wai as Academician from University of Oxford


(May 15th, 2019, Shanghai) Dr. Chan King Wai, the Chairman of the Hong Kong King Wai Group and Deputy Director of the National Economic Committee of the 12th CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference), received an Academician Fellowship from the University of Oxford. The conferring ceremony was held in Baihua Hall, Convention Center, Xijiao State Guest Hotel, Shanghai. Professor Alan Hudson, the Director of the Leadership and Public Policy Program at the University of Oxford, presented this awarding to Dr. Chan King Wai’s in recognition of his contribution to the “Belt and Road” initiative since 2014. Representatives from Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University, Shanghai University and Mr. Marc Connolly, the Consul of the Political Department of the British Consulate, as well as other over 100 guests from home and abroad attended and witnessed the ceremony.

Dr. Chan King Wai was born in Shantou, Guangdong Province. He settled in Hong Kong in 1979 and founded Hong Kong King Wai Group in 1983 and has been the Chairman since then. Dr. Chan King Wai was Deputy Director of the National Economic Committee of the 12th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Vice Chairman of the 11th All-China National Federation of Industry and Commerce, Chairman of the Bauhinia Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Center, Honorary Chairman of the Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Executive Vice President of the China Overseas Chinese Investment Enterprise Association, Vice Chairman of China Center for International Economic Exchanges, Vice President of China Enterprise Federation, Vice Chairman of the Council of Renmin University of China, Vice Chairman of the Council of University of International Business and Economics, Vice Chairman of the Council of Jinan University, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Communication University of China, Council Member of the China Foreign Affairs University, Council Member of the Tongji University. In addition, the Honorary President of HKU Foundation, Honorary Presidents of Hong Kong Baptist University Foundation, etc.

Over the years, Dr. Chan has laid a good foundation for the group through the ups and downs in the business area. Until now, the Group’s business has covered multiple fields, such as real estate, modern service industry, finance, insurance, international trade and other areas, which has made a remarkable achievements. Under the leadership of Dr. Chan King Wai, the King Wai Group has made layout of business in ASEAN region and other countries along the Belt and Road. The Group has not only developed real estate and insurance business in Thailand, and built transnational linkage of “Bauhinia Valley China and ASEAN Free Trade Cooperation Center”, but also expanded to financial business. In 2015, Dr. Chan submitted a proposal to the National Committee of the CPPCC, of which is to “Give full play to the role of Hong Kong, Macao, Overseas Chinese and their communities in implementing the ‘Belt And Road” initiative”. In 2016, Dr. Chan was awarded the Silver Bauhinia Star by the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. He was highly praised by all walks of life and further affirmed his contribution to the business community.

Dr. Chan not only makes outstanding achievements in commerce and trade, but also supports community and public affairs. He is an example of patriotism and love for the country and Hong Kong. As the major sponsor of the Hong Kong Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Chan King Wai processes a number of public titles, he leads the Chamber of Commerce to implement the dual-way development strategy of “Bringing in” and “Going out” with the tenet of “Seeking Truth and Being Pragmatic and Developing Together” and based on “Belt and Road” initiative. Ha makes much contribution to give play to the advantages of Hong Kong, create a bridge of investment and exchange among the business communities, and actively promote business exchanges among Hong Kong, the Mainland China and the international communities.

Dr. Chan King Wai has always hoped that youths from Hong Kong, overseas Chinese and the second generation of youth in the Mainland China to integrate into the national public entrepreneurship and innovation. Therefore, he donated HKS$240 million, in cooperation with Beijing University, Tsinghua University and other 12 national famous colleges, to establish the “Bauhinia Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Development Center”. With this platform, many young people are invited to attend free learning, training, coaching, communication and cooperation, so as to let them to play their respective advantages. At the same time, he donated HK$20 million to Jinan University to set up the “King Wai Economic Development Institute in Great Bay Area of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau”, which will help the relevant government departments in the Great Bay Area to make decision. In 2017, he also sponsored HK$20 million to support the education bureau of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to launch the “Belt and Road Scholarship” in Thailand to attract outstanding Thai students to study for bachelor’s degree in Hong Kong and cultivate talents for the implementation of the “Belt and Road” initiative. Dr. Chan has spared no effort in nurturing young generation.

Professor Alan Edward Hudson, the Director of the Leadership and Public Policy Program at the University of Oxford, gave a speech at the ceremony. He highly praised Dr. Chan King Wai’s talents and wisdom in business, political participation and social activities, he also praised Dr. Chan for winning the trust of Oxford University. In his appreciation speech, Dr. Chan King Wai said that he sincerely thanked Oxford University for its encouragement and love to him, he also thanked friends at home and abroad who present the ceremony. He said affectionately that “over the years, King Wai Group and I have actively responded to and implemented the “Belt & Road” initiative put forward by President Xi Jinping, and have promoted the implementation of various major projects around the world, and have achieved remarkable results.” Dr. Chan said that he will continue to respond to the call of the country, actively promote the “Belt & Road” to make deep progress, especially to make more contribution in the cause of education!

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