Mr. Antonio Hang Tat Chan and King Wai Group, King Wai Insurance’s employees provide creative recreational activities for kindergarten students at The Duang Prateep School.

Recently, King Wai Group (Thailand) Public Company Limited, led by Antonio Hang Tat Chan, Vice Chairman of the group with approximately 120 employees from King Wai Group and King Wai Insurance Public Company Limited to promote a good society by giving scholarships and provide creative recreational activities for 150 kindergarten students age 3-6 years old at Duang Prateep Kindergarten School. The companies were also promoting “Saturday Learning Program” activities by giving awards to encourage 9 students who have been selected to be the outstanding youths from the program. Moreover, the employees led the students painting the bags with crayons encouraging global warming campaign and they also improved the lunch vegetable plot for students as well.

Mr. Antonio said that he traveled from Hong Kong, which is in the middle of a massive protest and had a thunderstorm that led the plane delayed. However, coming to join a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with the students at the foundation, is very crucial to the company and himself because the company has place CSR as its core policy. King Wai group set up the business in Thailand with the strong intentional to do the social return and educational support.

The company also wants to support the “Saturday Learning Program” which is an opportunity for children in the slum Klongtoey to spend their holidays on the quality time. With the appreciation for the Foundation, the company organized activities here for the second year in order to promote education, youth development therefore in the future the students will become a good citizen and be able to support their family.

Duang Prateep Foundation is located at No. 34, Lock 6, At Narong Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok. In the past, due to the crowed and poverty in Klong Toey community, the foundation was found to support parents who have to spend a lot of time for working outside in order to earn their livings. Therefore, the children were always abandoned and hanged around by themselves. Ms. Prateep Ungsongtham Hata and Ms. Mingporn Ungsongtham, who were the teachers began to take care of these children by giving them the education. Later on, the school reputation attracted a lot of children to come and join. The teachers later develop the compound to a kindergarten school and foundation.

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