Antonio Hang Tat Chan, the winner of “Asia’s Most Admirable Young Leaders” ACES Awards 2019

Under Mr Chan’s guidance, King Wai Group has rapidly expanded its real estate and financial business holdings in Thailand, and solidified its business according to a sustainable development business ecosystem. According to Mr Chan, “Although expanding internationally was difficult, we met the challenge by respecting and adapting to the different cultures, geo-political values, economic characteristics and sociological factors in every area. These opportunities and challenges have helped to shape my leadership style and make me a much more versatile businessman.”

Mr Chan’s links are deeply entrenched within the region. With his strong connections to the Hong Kong SAR and Chinese business community, he has come to be regarded as a bridge for policies between the public and private sectors, and is especially well-versed in China’s Belt and Road Initiative, linking Beijing with social, economic and infrastructure projects around the world. In this capacity, he was part of the recent Hong Kong Trade Development Council delegation which travelled to Thailand to facilitate high-level exchanges and bring about closer collaboration between Thailand, China and Hong Kong. In addition, he has also been a leading proponent of Thailand’s Eastern Economic Corridor strategy.

As the scion of one of the region’s leading business families, Antonio Hang Tat Chan, Vice Chairman of King Wai Group, is the steward of a renowned conglomerate with a reputation built up over forty years. The group’s links stretch out across the Asia-Pacific region and encompass businesses in real estate, finance, international trade and supply chain management. His sense of responsibility and sustainable efforts have now gained him recognition from the Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Award in the category of Asia’s Most Admirable Young Leader, an honour bestowed on entrepreneurs below the age of 40 who display exceptional business performance and have built a name for themselves regardless of age.

In addition to regional and cultural factors, Mr Chan also believes in an ethical style of leadership, particularly with regards to the advantages and challenges of doing business in the modern age. He states, “The progress of technology in business can be double-sided if advancements are corrupted from their original intentions. Without official oversight, ethics is something business leaders need to always keep at the forefront of their minds. It is up to us to make sure that best practices and ethics are continually maintained.”

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